IT Services

IT Services

The IT department of CMC provides different services fulfilling the need of the students in this era of information and technology. It serves for academic efficiency, access to internet and provides solutions to the technological issues that arise.

There are hundreds of computers and other technological assets (such as multimedia projector, audio aid etc.) in different departments of the college and the hospital, that are duly managed by the IT department. The entire area of college and hospital is a high speed internet wifi zone, the access of which is provided after entry into the institutional system (Restriction to access applies to certain areas in the hospital and college)

Institutional email address (Domain name: is provided to all the students, faculties and administrative staffs upon verification. The department also provides solutions to the technological issues that come up during academic activities and also helps the students in case they have any IT related issues.

There is also a provision of e-library; the central library at the college and hospital library can be accessed remotely through online connection.



After admission of the students, the verified student list will be sent to the IT Department. The students are requested to provide the MAC address of their device (1 device/student) for internet connectivity, after which, the student receives the username and password for the internet access.