Self Assessment Team

Self Assessment Team

The major responsibility of the team is to assess the overall provisions and practices of CMC and prepare the Self Study Report (SSR) based upon thorough observations of institution. Moreover, SAT facilitates the implementation of the QAA process in CMC.

SAT functions under the guidance of IQAC, oversee, guide, prepare, revise periodically and submit SSR on behalf of Chitwan Medical College to QAA division of University Grants Commission.


  • Dr Gopendra Prasad Deo- Coordinator
  • Dr Mamata Tiwari- Member
  • Mr Pratap Devkota- Member
  • Mr Arun Koirala- Member
  • Mr Ram Prasad Sharma- Member

Roles and Responsibilities of SAT

  • Coordinate the collection and analysis of data relating to the various aspects of the institution and its functions in reference to the criteria and indicators for QAA
  • To conduct quality audit periodically, identify gaps and appropriate measures are taken as necessary.
  • To prepare Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) report and submit to IQAC after each internal academic audit.
  • To conduct Quality control, monitoring, and checks with coordination of IQAC, every year as per the pre-determined schedule
  • To conduct periodic quality reviews based on Self Study Requirement (SSR) including tracer study & result analysis
  • To update Self Study Report regularly and make measure to comply with SSR Indicators.
  • Suggest the Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) for the grounds of further improvement based on their practice and experiences