CMC aspires to be a center of excellence for medical education, services and research.



   To demonstrate exemplary leadership in the field of medical education, health care services and research by evolving into a deemed university.  


   1.      Offer world class medical education.

2.      Provide patients centered quality healthcare services with state of art facilities.

3.      Enhance research culture in par with national and international contemporaries.

4.      Become Nepal’s leading partnership in medical education.

5.      Promote self-sustainability of institution.




 1.         To provide quality education for different level of medical, dental, nursing and allied health streams through highly qualified professionals.

2.         To diversify academic programs par to the demand of changing educational preferences of students.

3.         To deliver patients-oriented services at affordable cost using cutting edge technology through highly qualified professionals.

4.         To support government for the implementation of national health policies and programs.

5.         To upgrade diagnostic services with globally recognized technologies.

6.         To deliver preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative   services as per the need of communities.

7.         To establish sophisticated trauma and tropical medicine center.

8.         To establish as a center of excellence in terms of innovative research and quality publication.

9.         To facilitate medical and bio-medical research programs in order to enhance the academic/professional capabilities and competencies in parallel with the world’s contemporaries.

10.     To utilize the research findings into academic and clinical setting.

11.     To advance professional development through national and international collaboration.