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The CMCTH is providing indoor, outdoor, intensive care, and emergency, and highly sophisticated diagnostic and other therapeutic services to people at comparatively low price. Outpatient services in different specialties are provided from 9 AM to 4 PM, except on Saturdays and Public Holidays It is providing its outdoor and indoor services through the departments as follows

  • Medicine with ICU
  • Surgery
  • Gynae/Obs
  • Pediatric with NICU
  • Orthopedic
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otorhinolarygology
  • Psychiatry
  • Dermato-Venerology
  • Dentistry
  • Emergency/Observation

Each department has the provision for separate rooms for the Head of the Department, Professor, Assoc. Prof., procedure room, tutorial room, library, and the dressing room in surgical units.

Clinical Department

The hospital has various clinical departments. Present number of beds in the hospital is 509, which shall be increased to 900 beds in near future. Number of beds distributed among various departments is shown in table.

Emergency Department

It has fully equipped 43 bedded Emergency department with average of 100 patients per 24 hrs. It is well equipped with emergency lab, portable X-ray, monitors, separate compartments for trauma, triage, Resuscitation room, Procedure room, observation room and adjacent three fully functioning operation theatres to fasten the ER management. It is fully equipped with central gas supply and sufficient monitors. It has also the provision of emergency drugs and defibrillator. Two of the general practitioners, sufficient house officers and staff nurses are full time employed to take care of emergency.

Indoor Clinical Departments

The following are also provided in the indoor clinical departments

  • Accommodation for HODs, Unit staff and Nurses duty room
  • Laboratory for ordinary Pathological examinations
  • Examinations and treatment room
  • Store for linen and equipment
  • Clinical demonstration rooms

Pediatrics Ward

It has 66 bedded pediatric ward with fourteen beds in fully equipped NICU.

Medical Ward

It has two different male and female wards with ICU with full facilities under the department of Medicine.

Operation Theatre

The operation Theater unit of the hospital has the following facilities available:

  • Patients waiting room
  • Preparation room
  • Operation Theatre
  • Post-operative recovery room
  • Soiled linen room
  • Instrument room
  • Sterilization room
  • Surgeons room
  • Assistants room
  • Washing room for surgeons and assistants

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

  • There are twenty beds in ICU with fully motorized beds, central gas supply, sufficient ventilators, latest arterial blood gas analyser and trained manpower. All the beds are equipped with monitors with the parameters of ECG, ETCO2, SPO2, NBP etc. There is continuous oxygen supply and suction through central supply. It has also back up for oxygen and suctioning system with the storage of oxygen in the cylinders and suction machines.
  • ICU in-charges are very well trained in ICU in different hospital and shown their expertise in managing the patients and department. There is a doctor on duty for 24 hr duty with total of four doctors covering the ICU. There are sufficient nurses and supportive staffs to take care of the ICU patients.

Out Door Clinical Departments

The outdoor clinical departments have been provided with the following facilities:

  • Examination rooms and case demo room
  • Laboratory facilities
  • Dressing room and Injection room in surgery
  • Refraction room/Dark room in Ophthalmology
  • Plaster room in Orthopedics section
  • Audiometry room in ENT Section
  • Child welfare clinic and play room
  • Immunization room
  • ORT Room

Diagnostic Services

Department of Radio Diagnosis: There is Department of Radiology and Imaging with all latest technology from world renowned company called General Electronics (GE). It is equipped with one CT scan (16 Slice), three USGs, Computerized Radiography system, 500 ma x-ray machine with fluoroscopic connection and anteroom for store, dark room and other space.

Clinical Laboratory

Laboratory is fully equipped with the latest lab equipment like Automatic analyzer, Hematology Analyzer, Hormone Analyzer with all tumor marker facilities.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Space has been provided for physiotherapy, Electrotherapy, Diathermy, Ultraviolet Infrared treatment, Hydrotherapy, Occupation and Rehabilitation Therapy.


Pharmacy is quite spacious to have all types of medicines required by the patients and CMC has two different pharmacies for OPD and Emergency.

Endoscopy Services

CMC has purchased the latest endoscopy machine which is a single piece in Nepal with all the latest technology and almost all the physicians and surgeons are performing endoscopies regularly. It has all the scopes like Gastro scope, Bronchoscope, Colonoscope etc.


This unit is again furnished with the latest VIVID E echocardiography machine.


There are two very much experienced psychiatrists who are very happy to have EEG machine in their department with ECT machine.

Research Activities in CMCTH

Being the youngest medical school in Nepal CMC has already published its own medical journal with almost all original articles written by its own faculties. CMC feels proud to have the very dynamic editorial board to publish the journal. There is separate unit for the research activities in CMC. CMC has already announced that whoever publishes the article in the indexed journal they will get the sponsorship to attend the international conference from CMC.

Other Support Services:

  • Department of Radio Diagnosis: It has an X-Ray machine with computerized Image printer, and has provision for CT Scan (16 slice), USG with color D Doppler and Echo-cardiograph.
  • Operation Theatre: CMCTH provides 24 Hours operation services through fully equipped 3 Operation Theatres that have provision for high level decontamination with Laminar flow. It provides 24 hours operative services in in General Surgery, Uro-surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, ENT Surgery, Gynae/Obs surgery.
  • Clinical Laboratory: It is equipped with most advanced and sophisticated equipments to provide the most accurate diagnostic services so as to assist people in receiving the exact therapeutic care. It provides laboratory services in the area of hematology (through auto-analyzer) Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Biochemistry (through auto-analyzer), Histopathology, Immunology, and Cytopathology
  • Physiotherapy: It is providing various therapeutic exercises, and messages and heat therapy by using Muscle Stimulator, Laser, Traction, Ultrasound, Micro-wave Diathermy, Wax Bath, Contrast Bath, Cryotherapy, etc.