General Rules for CMC students

Students of CMC should follow the following rules within the college and hospital premises:

  • Students must wear college uniform and white coat during class hours, clinical postings and practical classes and clean and well cared for appearance should maintained.
  • They should be punctual and regular in all classes.­
  • Students are not allowed to go out of the college/hospital premises during class hours.
  • If any student has to go to hospital for check up, during class hours, he/she can go with permission of Principal or someone authorized by him accompanied by designated person.
  • If any student has to go home for some celebrations like marriage, puja etc during class hours, the student should take permission of authorized person.
  • Students are not allowed to play during class hours (9am to 5pm).
  • Students must abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances and from the intentional misuse or abuse of any substance. Sexual misconduct; obscene or indecent conduct or expressions; disorderly or disruptive conduct; participation in gambling activities; involvement with pornographic, erotic, indecent, or offensive material; and any other conduct or action inconsistent with the principles of CMC must be avoided or else the student will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Students should be responsible for their belongings.

Regarding correlation seminars and Presentations.

  • All students must be present and participate actively in the correlation seminars/ Presentations.
  • All the students should be well prepared for the seminars /Presentations and questions will be asked to anyone (not only to presenter) after finishing presentation by each presenter.
  • Parents will be informed if anyone is absent in the seminar/ presentation and he/she will get zero mark and the name of student will be published on notice board.
  • Students should maintain discipline in the seminar.

Rules regarding internal assessments.(MBBS)

  • Number of assessment: internal assessments will be taken after completion of each system. Hence, there will be a total of three internal assessments in the first year and five in the second year.
  • Final internal assessment marks: The average of three internal assessments in the first year and five assessments in the second year will be the final internal assessment marks obtained by the students.
  • Student who skips an exam: If any student is absent without any valid cause, he/she will get zero mark for that particular assessment.
  • For students who fail: If a student gets <50% marks in a subject in an exam, he/she has to appear for viva in that subject.
  • Viva voce: There will be no prior notice for the viva so students should be ready to face viva at any time.
  • Repeat failure: If a student shows poor performance again, he/she will be given proper counseling by concerned teachers.
  • Information to parents: Parents can get information about the performance of their child after each internal assessment.
  • Monthly evaluation of class attendance of students: Class attendance of students will be evaluated monthly in the monthly departmental meeting. Students with <90% attendance in a month will be counseled. Parents can get information about their monthly attendance.
  • Barring from the final examination: If a student’s attendance of whole year (in theory or practical classes) is 90% without reasonable cause, the student will not be allowed to appear in the final          examination.
  • Barring from extra co-curricular activities: A student who shows poor performance in internal assessments, he/she will not be allowed to participate in official extra co-curricular activities.

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