This department deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of gums and supporting structures of the teeth and dental implant. It provides optimal oral health care and periodontal treatment along with the oral health promotion and disease prevention. It offers the services like oral hygiene maintenance, oral prophylaxis (scaling), tooth splinting, various periodontal and implant surgeries.


Goal and Objectives:

• Provide adequate treatment in the diverse disciplines involved in providing care for patients with periodontal disease 

• Understand the interrelationship between periodontal health and other oral /systemic problems and to be able to work efficiently as a team in improving the quality of life of patients presenting with          periodontal disease

• Critically evaluate scientific literature, discovering and disseminating knowledge

• Have an in-depth knowledge of basic science applicable to Periodontics

• Implicate the evidence available from the literature in routine treatment planning

• Achieve adequate knowledge in basic concepts of research methodology and be able to conduct good quality periodontal research independently

• Plan, conduct and publish as well as guide research works in Periodontics 

• To be proficient in delivering high quality periodontal therapy as an integral component of overall oral health care through the surgical or the non-surgical approach based on sound judgment and scientific principles

• Placement and maintenance of implants within the concept of comprehensive treatment plan

• Effective communication with patients to improve the oral health status and adherence with health care recommendations

• Proper counselling of individual, family and community on preventive and curative aspect of gingival and periodontal problems

• Writing papers on relevant health problems

• Guiding students and interns competently and efficiently 

• Update coherent and detailed knowledge at the forefront of dentistry techniques, together with an understanding of the principles and theories which underpin safe practice of periodontology 

• Integrate prior knowledge and understanding of periodontology to solve a range of problems develop an enhanced critical and evaluative awareness of current issues within periodontology 

• Maintaining high levels of proficiency in the application of treatment planning and management of periodontal problems 





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Ongoing Research

I. Mean Attitude Score Regarding Dental Floss among Dentists: A Cross-sectional Study.

Future plan:

• Department planning to provide treatment applying recent surgical advanced techniques

• Further planning to be accessible to the very latest digital technologies specifically applicable to the specialty opportunities for personal and professional development in the field of periodontology 

• Department planning to utilize information technology tools and carry out/plan research activities in clinical aspects with the aim of publishing work in scientific journal