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MDS Prosthodontics & Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

  • MDS Prosthodontics is a 3-year program that trains the students to make different kinds of prostheses needed in the oral cavity in order to attain or restore the functionalities and aesthetics of the teeth.
  • This course is designed to equip candidates with an in-depth knowledge of the techniques and methods used in removing decay, filling cavities, oral X-rays, preparation of artificial teeth, etc.
  • The students undergo training in different aspects of dental prosthetics through theory and also practical sessions mostly in the live patients.

Program Overview

  • MDS Prosthodontics is a 3-year PG course in dentistry to provide prosthodontic therapy for patients.
  • Throughout the course, students study about the diagnosis, treatment, restoration, and artificial replacement of damaged teeth and other parts of the mouth.
  • MDS Prosthodontics provides students with explicit knowledge and skill to practice dentistry as their profession after completion of the course.

2 Years

of working experience

Why MDS Prosthodontics?

  • Due to the increased awareness about oral hygiene, the number of dental patients has increased in the country. Therefore, MDS Prosthodontics graduates can easily practice in any area.
  • Throughout the course students study theoretical and clinical lessons in the subject, and ability to research in the field of prosthodontics.
  • Students expect a rise in employment opportunities in the near future and the reason being that there has been a fast increase in the number of dental patients.
  • After completing MDS Prosthodontics, graduates will be able to provide Prosthodontic therapy for patients with competence and working knowledge with understanding of applied medical and clinical science.


  • BDS or equivalent from institutions recognized by the government of Nepal
  • Registered in Nepal Medical Council
  • Registered in the respective medical council of the applicant's own country for foreign candidates
  • One year experience
  • Candidate should score a minimum of 50% (Pass Marks) in the Entrance Examinations conducted by Medical Education Commission for being eligible to be on the merit list


Eligible candidates should appear for the entrance exam conducted by IOM (It is conducted tentatively on the month of Bhadra according to Nepalese calendar), Exam section and the merit list will be published based on the marks secured in the entrance examination. The candidate selection and admission will then be done following the guidelines set by IOM (on merit basis and post-counseling sessions held by IOM).

Please check notices on website of IOM ( ) for regular updates.


International students should have an eligibility certificate from the concerned authority of their country, a valid student visa (if visa is required to stay in Nepal) and eligibility certificate issued by IoM or Ministry of Education of Nepal.

To get the admission in in this programme, along with all other academic documents and proof of nationality, Indian candidate should also submit eligibility certificate issued from Medical Council of India (MCI), New Delhi, India before admission.


After fulfilling the aforementioned criteria, students have to visit CMC College along with the guardians and have to present the original copies of all the academic certificates. Thereafter, students have to fill up necessary documents and agreement papers as per the rules and requirements of CMC.


Successful candidates will have to undergo medical test by a Medical Board constituted by the College and must be declared fit for final admission.


Students should be in the prescribed dress code of the institute in college/hospital premises. No student will be allowed to enter the college compound without proper uniform in college days. CMC believes appropriate dressing is important for creation of positive learning environment.

Students of Nursing (Master of Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing and BSc Nursing) *

  • Shirt (Light-Cream, Hawk-Design No. 34)
  • Tie (As MBBS-Students’)
  • Pant (Blue Black-Jelbrow or Blue Black-BSLA)
  • Black Shoe

[*Dress-code for Nursing Students while in clinical practice at hospitals– ]


  • Shirt (Sky Blue)
  • Tie
  • Pant (Blue Black-Jelbrow or Blue Black-BSLA)
  • Black Shoe
  • White Socks

Dress-code for Nursing Students while in clinical practice at hospitals – Dark Blue Scrub

Students-BSc MIT

  • Shirt (Light-Purple, Hawk-Design No. 69)
  • Tie
  • Pant (Blue Black-Jelbrow or Blue Black-BSLA)
  • Black Shoe
  • White Socks


  • Shirt (Light Greenish/ Ash, Hawk-Design No. 32)
  • Tie (As MBBS-Students’)
  • Pant (Blue Black-Jelbrow or Blue Black-BSLA)
  • Black Shoe
  • White Socks

*College will announce the date for winter and summer dress. 


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