Department of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing deals in teaching learning and practical field with the students of Basic Science Bachelor of Nursing, Post Basic Bachelor Nursing Sciences, bachelor public health science and Master of Nursing in academic field, and provide services as expertise nursing supervisor to Hospital services and community services too. Our department deals with considering behavior of people and it is to express that our department can provide humanitarian services as counselor to all employees and students of Chitwan Medical College.

We make sound public relationship with community people visiting different organizations and conducting mental health services like mental health awareness programme, Psychodrama, direct providing mental health services etc. We have separate inter-department section i.e. Community Mental Health and psychiatric Nursing, Women and Child Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, Geriatric Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing.

Our department conducts seminar and journal club presentation with post graduate students of psychiatry Department CMCTH. 

We have two different faculty facilities, for academic theory class in Kailashanagar, Bharatpur-5 and for practicum, CMCTH Bharatpur-10.

Goals and Objectives

Our Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing Department will provide an opportunity to the learner to develop competency in mental health assessment and care the mentally unhealthy clients by utilizing nursing process and various therapies on the basis of the individual need and problems.

Make able to all learners (Students) and nursing staffs (in Practical setting-Hospital):-  

  • Explain the principles of psychiatric nursing in preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of care.
  • Describe the magnitude of psychiatric problems and trends in psychiatric nursing.
  • Describe the concept of therapeutic relationship and therapeutic communication techniques.
  • Explain the personality theories applicable to psychiatry nursing
  • Describe the different psychiatric disorders, including their psychopathology, and treatment modalities.
  • Describe the care of the patients with different mental disorders using holistic approach
  • Describe the psycho-trophic drugs, including their side effects and nursing implications.
  • Explain the community based care for patients with severe mental disorders. 
  • Describe the behavioral and emotional problems of the children and adolescents along with their management
  • Discuss the mental health problem of women.
  • Discuss the psychiatric problems and management of special groups i.e. elderly people, abused people and people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Explain the management of psychiatric emergencies.
  • State the steps of counseling with different mental health problems.
  • Describe various modalities of psychosocial rehabilitation in psychiatry
  • Explore the complementary and alternative therapies that can be used for psychiatric patient.
  • Describe the management of psychiatry unit.


We are using high advanced technology for best achievement in teaching learning activities. All classes are scheduled routinely according to prepared master plans. Any changes that is informed to related teachers on time. And we conduct the feedback session from students and their local guardians. 

Interactive Lecturer, adult learning, project work, seminar, workshop, journal Club etc are using as teaching learning method.

We have sound advanced class room with advanced projector, Computer, white board. We have department library. 

In Practicum areas, We have separate counselling room, separate class room, separate seminar room and also separate EEG, Biofeedback room. We have 5 separate patients’ assessment room.

We have headache Clinic, Geriatric Psychiatric Clinic and child psychiatric clinic on schedule day separately.



Amrita Ghimire


Ramesh Subba

Associate Professor and HOD


Published articles:-

1. Psychological impact and coping strategies among nursing during Corona virus outbreak in Nepal, Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 8(9), 23-31(2020)

2. Perception towards Male Enrollment in Nursing among High School Students at Selected Schools of Bharatpur Chitwan. IJSR.Voll11:Issue:Nov2021ISSN:2249-95711.

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7.Psychological Distress among Nursing Students in Clinical PostingDuring Covid19 Pandemic, IOSR,Apr2021

Future Plan:

Establish Separate Internal Depatment Unit of Reseach in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing.

Participate as Specialized supervisor for planning for Mental health and Psychiatric Practicum Field.



Ongoing Research

Ongoing Research

Perceive burden and coping among care takers among mental Illness in CMCTH

Perceive stigma and medication adherence among mentally illness patients in CMCTH OPD


Teaching Learning Activities

Sound equipped advanced lecturer classes.

 All classes are taken after well prepared lesson plan. 

Clinical postings mostly in own highly advanced hospital CMCTH, for chronic ill patients/ Cancer patients exposure, BPKMCH hospital posting for 3 weeks. For highly vulnerable mentally ill patients, Government Central Hospital Bharapur for OCMC and chronic ill patients HIV/AIDS 2 weeks.

Thimura, Bharatpur-, Women Rehave Centre 3 weeks for MN first Year Students

Devghat briddhaashram Tanahu for Geriatric Psychiatric Posting 3 weeks for MN second Year students.

Different Rehave and learning disabilities centre, autism rehave centre in community areas posting.

Group exrcises for psychodrama, health awareness in different community areas, last two years, Bharatpur 11 Bhojad near to Forest, and this Year Sunarbasti Bharatpur 14.

Our students participate in journal club presented by PG students psychiatric medicine, conducts seminar on own areas.

Our department celebrate International Mental Health Day, Anti suicide programme, Anti substance use Programme yearly.