The department of Community Dentistry is concerned with the prevention and control of dental diseases, and the promotion of oral health through organized community efforts. As a branch and specialty, it prioritizes community health promotion, research, education and group dental care programs.

This department treats the community instead of treating an individual patient by organizing community dental programs, school oral health awareness program, dental camps, training health professionals on oral health, water fluoridation program etc. The department uses various information, education & communication (IEC) materials for awareness of the patient. The department is also involved in survey and research on dental public health interest. The department is backed by dental public health experts, dental surgeons, and support staffs. The department owns a mobile dental van to offer mobile dental service to the rural areas and in the community.

We envision an oral health care system that is equally distributed, affordable and acceptable to the community, and the department is relentlessly working towards achieving its vision by implementing various activities.


• Plan oral health programs for population

• Select interventions and strategies for the prevention and control of oral diseases and promotion of oral health

• Implement, manage, and develop resources for oral health programs for populations

• Incorporate ethical standards in oral health programs and activities

• Design and understand the use of surveillance systems to monitor oral health

• Advocate for, implement, and evaluate public health policy legislation and regulations to protect and promote the public's oral health

• Critique and synthesize scientific literature

• Design and conduct population-based studies to answer oral and public health questions


Ongoing Research