Department of pedodontics and preventive dentistry is providing all types of oral health care for children up to 14 years old. This department is concerned for treating the child in a child friendly environment. We have more focus on educating both parents and patient on prevention of dental diseases. Treatment procedures in pedodontics include both preventive and corrective procedures. Pedodontics not only deals with dental procedure but also child psychology. Procedures such as behavior shaping, modelling not only helps in eliminating the anxiety of children during treatment but also helps in making them better patients with good behavior. We give our special focus on  dental treatment of especially abled children making their quality of life better.Department of pedodontics and preventive dentistry is located on the fourth floor and Room number 4.



1.To determine what is the best for the child at that movement

2.What is the best for the adult into whom the child will eventually grow


We focus on :

1 Health of a child as a whole.

2. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

3. Instilling positive attitude and behavior in a child.

4. Awareness and education of oral health in patients & parents.

5. Examination and Comprehensive treatment.

5. Management of child with special care needs and with complex problems.

6. Proper oral hygiene methods, diet counselling and preventive measures.


Ongoing Research