The department of Forensic Medicine is headed by Dr. Santosh Koirala, who is a young dynamic Forensic Medicine Expert. He has experience on teaching learning to various level of medical students and training to the doctor, police, lawyers and judges and involve in carrying out both clinical forensic cases and other medico-legal activities at various government levels. The department of forensic medicine is situated at Hospital Building of CMC and falls under Medicine Sub specialty. 


The goal of the teaching of Forensic Medicine to under graduate students is to produce a competent Physician with knowledge of medicine law and ethics.

1. He/she should be able to provide basic services in relation with medicolegal responsibilities in the practice of medicine and help the justice system in crime investigation.

2. He/she should have acquired knowledge of law in relation to practice of medicine, medical negligence and investigation of crime against human beings.

3. He/she should be aware of code of medical ethics consistent with national health policy and law of the land.

4. He/she should be able to handle any situation in times of natural disasters so to act as mass disaster task force.


At the end of the course, the student shall be able to

1.Conduct a meticulous medicolegal autopsy, collect appropriate evidences pertaining to investigation in medicolegal care.

2.Should be able to visit the scene of crime to identify and help police to collect evidences related to crime.

3.Should share fundamental knowledge of all branches of medical disciplines so that a combined knowledge could be applied in carrying out medicolegal activities.

4.Should be aware of laws in relation to medicolegal work and medical practice.

5.Should be aware of legal/court procedures applicable to medicolegal practice.

6.Should have knowledge of preservation and dispatch of medicolegal specimen to appropriate departments for proper reports and perfect justice.

7.Should manage medicolegal implication, diagnosis and principles of management of common poisoning cases.

8.Should have knowledge of his/her social and legal responsibilities as to reporting of HIV cases, STD’s and other communicable diseases and crimes.

9.Should be able to proceed with identification in cases of unidentified bodies and mass disaster.


Currently the department is working on carrying out medicolegal activities by establishing clinical forensic and toxicology unit through the department of emergency, CMC. 


Dr. Santosh Koirala

Sr. Lecturer


Exploration of Unnatural Deaths Among Women of Reproductive Age in Major Autopsy Centers of Capital Cities of the Seven Provinces of Nepal: A Cross-Sectional Multicentric Study.

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