Endocrinology unit at CMC provides specialized endocrine services to a wide range of endocrine issues dealt by every household. Established in 2020, this unit has rapidly grown to establish itself as a go-to facility for endocrine disorders faced by people in this region from common problems like Diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders, PCOD, obesity to rarer endocrine issues like hypogonadism, short stature and so on. A lot of neglected, yet ridiculously common endocrine problems like osteoporosis, secondary hypertension, type 1 DM, etc have been very sincerely dealt with in our unit since its inception.


1) Daily Endocrine (Adult and pediatric endocrine) OPD 

2) Dietician and diabetic nurse educator services 

3) Dynamic tests for various endocrine disorders

4) Day care facility for procedures and injectable treatment 

5) Inpatient services through emergency, ICU and wards 

6) Autonomic function testing lab

7) DEXA Scan facility

Dr. Madhur Dev Bhattarai


Dr. Hari Krishna Dhakal

Associate Professor

Dr. Saurav Khatiwada

Associate Professor


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Ongoing Research

  1. On DM and Genital Mycotic infection in Central Nepal
  2. On thyroiditis and hypothyroidism
  3. Graves’ disease and thyroiditis