Department of Child health nursing is one of the departments among seven different departments in School of Nursing functioning since 5 years. The purpose of establishment of the department was to run different programs related to child health smoothly.

The main goal of this department is to run the defined theory classes and clinical postings smoothly.

Highlights of child health nursing

The methods used for theory classes are lectures, discussions, seminars, presentations etc and demonstration, simulations, bedside rounds, nursing rounds, case presentations, procedure evaluations etc are used for clinical postings.

Theory classes are conducted in the classrooms at Kailashnagar block. Each classroom consists of functioning LCD power point, which is used for theory classes. Demonstrations are conducted at midwifery and pediatric clinical lab. There is no separate room available for Child health nursing lab.

Clinical postings are done in many of the departments of pediatrics at CMCTH.


Subina Bajracharya

Associate Professor and HOD

Dipti Koirala

Assistant Professor

Binita Paudel

Associate Professor

Dipa Sigdel

Assistant Professor

Parita Shrestha

Associate Professor


Ongoing Research

The department members do individual researches but department research is not being conducted, and we are in the planning phase of conducting it in near future.

Teaching Learning Activities

Lecture Classes: In total 150 hours of theory classes in undergraduate programs and 200 hours of theory classes in postgraduate program is conducted every year. These hours are the curriculum hours, the actual hours required to complete the courses are more than the given hours.

Clinical Postings: Clinical postings are done different of departments of pediatrics (Pediatric ward, Pediatric ICU, Pediatric HDU, Newborn Unit and Neonatal ICU) at CMCTH. Clinical posting of Pediatric Community is done at School.