In Chitwan Medical College, undergraduate community health nursing courses for BNS

and B.Sc Nursing were started in the year 2007 and 2008 respectively. Formal creation of

Department of Community Health Nursing was accomplished on 2016 AD. Besides

community health nursing courses, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, Family and Reproductive

Health Nursing for UG and Epidemiology for PG are covered under the Department of

Community Health Nursing. The current in-charge of Department is Ms. Sadikshya


Sadikshya Neupane

Lecturer and Incharge

Ambika Baniya



Ongoing Research

Objectives of department:

After the completion of under gradate levels, students will be able to:

Impart quality education to the students in the field of community health.

Prepare the students to become good nursing leaders and efficient professional nurses

in all levels of community settings.

Emphasize the importance of health education in communities in order to prepare

professional nurses to increase the individual, family and community awareness

towards achieving self-care.

Organize developmental programs for the staff of the Department in order to enhance

their knowledge and skills.

Apply epidemiological approaches in solving the identified problems.

Contribute to the body of knowledge of public and community health nursing through

health education, researches and publications.

 Collaborate with public and private organizations in meeting the health needs of the


Physical infrastructure available including labs and other facilities:

 We have well equipped community lab with different materials. Community lab is

equipped with Family Planning Devices, Food Pyramid, Anthropometric measuring

devices, Water purification in small scale, ORS preparation, models of different

Latrines, Nutrition (Sarbottam pitho preparation), Geometric Compass, articles for

Wound Dressing, First Aid Box, Different Models of Environmental sanitation, Bio-

gas plant & Housing and Teaching/Learning aids

Achievements: All the students of both PG and UG have good theory and practical