The Surgery Department has been providing regular services since the establishment of the hospital. It has been providing all kinds of General surgical facilities and subspecialty services including Urological, Neurosurgical, CTVS and HPB and Liver Transplant services. It currently provides inpatient, outpatient, operative and emergency services around the clock.


Outpatient Services:

The department runs the regular outpatient clinics in working days from eight till four in the afternoon. One of the consultant surgeons accompanied by Residents and/ interns is always present for OPD services.

Emergency services:

Surgery department has been providing a 24-hour emergency service for the patients.

Operative Services:

  • The Department has been providing operative services to both patients admitted from Emergency Department and from OPD. 
  • Elective patient is thoroughly investigated prior to surgery and are advised for admission day before surgery. 
  • Different types of Open and minimal invasive surgery are being performed from General surgery and different surgical subspecialties.
  • The Department has also been providing Day surgery in selected cases.
  • The Department also provides regular surgical services through the outreach clinics. 
  • Regular surgical camps are conducted every year.


Prof. Dr. Harish Chandra Neupane


Dr. Iswar Chandra Ghimire


Dr. Bharat Mani Pokharel

Dr. Alok Shrestha

Dr. Anil Subedi


Ongoing Research