Department of Orthopedics is one of the leading and major departments of Chitwan Medical College. From the day one, it has been played a major role in diagnosing all kinds of orthopedic problems viz, trauma, neo-traumatic musculoskeletal tumors, sports injuries, hand injuries etc. we receive & treat patients from all regions of Nepal and even from some states of neighboring countries. Common clinical conditions encountered in daily practice

Gouty Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis


Bone TB

Genetic Orthopaedic Problems

Back pain

Knee Pain

Overuse injuries

Hip Pain

Shoulder pain

Ankle & Heel Pain

Neck Pain


Fractures & Dislocations


Inpatient services 

Orthopaedic ward is in third floor with sixty beds capacity in general ward. Our polytrauma patients are initially admitted to Surgical ICU through ER. When they are stabilized, they are transferred to post-operative beds and subsequently to ward or cabins.

Super speciality Services (Sunday to Friday: OPD 2PM-4PM)

Arthroplasty and Adult Limb Reconstruction: (SUN/WED)

Performing Primary and complex Total Hip and Knee arthroplasties on regular basis with world renowned branded implants and technology in advanced setup. We occasionally do Radial head replacements and Shoulder arthroplasty too. We are starting services on revision arthroplasty, periprosthetic fractures and prosthetic joint infections.

Arthroscopy and sports Unit: (MON/THU)

Regular ACL, PCL and multi-ligament reconstructions, meniscus repair routinely. We are also doing shoulder arthroscopy and ankle arthroscopy procedures for various indications.

Spine and Pelvi-acetabular Unit: (TUE/FRI)

Many advanced spinal surgeries like ACDF, ACCF of the cervical spine,

Instrumentation of spine for fractures, surgical micro-discectomy for Prolapsed Intervertebral disc (PIVD) by well-trained spine fellows. Complex Pelvic fractures are being operated and acetabular reconstructions are done in polytrauma patients

Paediatric Orthopaedics: (SUN/WED)

Deformity correction, paediatric trauma and injuries, corrective alignment surgeries

Foot and Ankle: (MON/THU)

Chronic foot and ankle problems, heel pain, midfoot pain, deformed feet and toes

Prof. Dr. Ananda Prasad Regmi

MBBS, MS; Professor and Senior Consultant (Paediatric Orthopaedics)

Dr. Gaurav Neupane

Associate Prof. MBBS, MS, MCh (Arthroplasty Hip & Knee Surgeon)

Dr. Bishnu Dev Sharma

MBBS, MS; Associate prof. (Spine Surgeon)

Dr. Jyoti Sitaula

MBBS, MS; Associate Prof. (Arthroplasty & Adult limb reconstruction Surgeon)

Dr. Tej Prakash Dawadi

MBBS, MS; Associate Prof. (Pelvic and Spine Surgeon)

Dr. Sujit Raj Shrestha

MBBS, MS; Associate Prof. (Arthroscopy & Sports)

Dr. Sanjeeb Rijal

MBBS, MS; Assistant Professor (Arthroscopy & Sports; Shoulder and ankle)

Dr. Devendra Acharya

MBBS, MS; Assistant Professor (Trauma Surgeon)

Dr. Pratap Babu Bhandari

MBBS, MS; Consultant (Trauma Surgeon)

Dr. Saugat KC

MBBS, MS; Consultant (Trauma Surgeon)

Dr. Suman Basel

MBBS, MS; Consultant (Trauma Surgeon)


Ongoing Research